About Me

I have spent most of my life as an environment and safety professional with a passion for taking pictures. I can not think of a time when I did not love taking pictures, starting out with a Kodak Instamatic and saving up my lawn mowing money to get some really bad photographs printed at York Processing.

Just before I went to college I got my first 35 mm camera. An Olympus OMG. I loved that camera, especially with 135 mm lens on it. I spent a lot of time in college experimenting with black and white film and color slides. I learned how to process both and even rolled my own film cartridges from bulk. I used that camera in some of my early work photographing crop dusters and items for the cooperative news letter. Eventually I wore that camera out, started a family and got a serious job. Not much time left for photography.

When digital came along I was able to incorporate some of my knowledge of photography into my position as an environment and safety specialist. The idea in the back of my mind was to eventually obtain a nice quality camera and establish a virtual darkroom in order to get back to the activity I loved so much.

Well here it is. I now have some good Nikon cameras for shooting digital and I have mounted that 135 mm Zuiko lens on a wonderful Olympus OM1 for shooting film. My talented son built a computer to handle the darkroom side and I am now working every day to become the best photographer I can be. I have some great clients and I would love to work with you to see what kind of stories we could tell together.


Amy and Matt

Exactly one month ago PJM Image took some maternity pictures for us and captured some beautiful images of our family! Little Noelle was born only a couple hours after these pics were taken!