Doing Business Together

Pricing & Packages

I would love to tell your story with photographs. My schedule is flexible and I am ready to talk with you about your ideas.

Digital Conversion

As low as $0.25 / Image

We take your collection of photographs, slides and even negatives and scan them into a digital archieve. Preserves your family's memories and allows easy sharing, compact storage and easy backups.

Image Improvement & Restoration

As low as $5.00 / Image

From simple adjustments in color and tone, to removal of unwanted items, to the complete restoration of a damaged photograph we will help you craft an
improved version of your image.

Custom Fine Art

Contact me for pricing

When you hang something in your home, office or other special place you want it to look good and have special meaning. You provide the idea and we can craft a fine art piece that is unique to you and your experience.

Annual Family Subscriptions

$200 / Year

It is important to capture images of your family at different times of the year. This package provides you with 4 different photo shoots of up to an hour each, unlimited access to digital copies of the finished photos and access to high quality printing

Event Doccumentation

$50 / Hour

I will provide photographic documentation of your business, family, fund raiser. or any groups event on a per hour basis

Promotional Projects

Contact me for pricing

Need a source of images to promote your business, activity or location then this is the package for you. Images can be used for newsletters, websites, social media, training material, presentations or any other promotional need you have.


Are you available for other photographic projects not listed above?

Yes. I love creating stories through photography and any chance of helping people get the images they need or want is definitely a possibility

Where do your photo sessions take place?

I am located in Winona, Minnesota and have the ability to conduct indoor and outdoor photo sessions at my house. I am also able to travel to your home or any number of the beautiful settings in the Winona area. I find its best to take photos of children and pets in locations they are used to and feel most comfortable in.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

I am very flexible and if my schedule is open I will stay as long as needed. If I have a hard stop, I will let you know that before we start working together.

What kind of gear do you use?

I use a Nikon D850 as my main camera with a Nikon D810 as a second. I shoot mostly with prime lenses. I have the ability to shoot with flashes, continual lights and natural light. I also have the equipment to shoot 35mm film.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No. You can go to any processing lab you choose. I do have a relationship with White House Custom Colour in Eagan Minnesota. They are one of the highest quality printers in the business, my images are calibrated to their equipment and you can go right though my site to send them orders.

How does your digital conversion service work?

You let me know what service level you want for each collection you have. I provide you with a not to exceed quote, including cost and schedule, and arrange to pick up your materials. For all service levels we use non-destructive methods to remove dust and dirt from the material and then use a scanner or a camera to create a digital file of your images. The digital files are loaded onto a hard drive or flash drive and returned, along with the originals, to you.

What are your different levels of service for digital conversions??

Standard Scans ($0.25 / Image) - includes digital file creation with generic name, file delivery via download service, 90 day file storage.

Premium Scan ($0.50 / Image) - includes digital file creation with custom namming including any information included with the image, minor retouching of finished image, choice of delievry method and guarentee that you don't pay for any unaceptable images.

Oversize / Artwork Digital Image Creation ($10 / Image)- Includes creation of reproduction quality file of large pieces of art or photographs.